New way of preventing fraud and ensuring safe business operations

Device risk assessment and online-user protection via non-personal and behavioural data analysis technologies


Seamless authentication
Prevent fraudulent activities, reduce the risk of threats and gain new clients with sustainable portfolio growth. JuicyScore allows identifying different types of fraud, shady behaviour and users' intentions, segmenting the incoming flow upon risk level, raising the informative value and resolution of your decision-making systems.


Seamless authentication
Account protection
Increased conversion
Ensure high level of personal account security for your clients and increase conversion of online transactions. JuicyID allows an instant seamless authentication of clients, protecting their sensitive data and narrowing down fraudulent actions and intentions.


Identity Theft
Increased conversion
Prevent fraud with user ID thefts. JuicyBio allows detecting signs of fraudulent manipulations using enhanced technologies for comparison and correlation of alternative data, improving conversion rate.

The virtual user filling in the application for financial product on the lender’s or insurer’s web resource.

User’s device

Device used by a virtual user to fill out the application on the financial institution’s web resource.

Client’s resource

Web resource (web site and/or mobile application) of the financial institution where the JavaScript and/or SDK are placed.

Client’s CRM

All back end systems in the secure perimeter of the financial institution, from which a request to external services is sent, including the JuicyScore API.

Virtual user enters the web site of the financial institution with his device
The JuicyScore JavaScript / SDK installed on the web resource copies the generated session to the user’s device
If the user sends an application for a financial product, a request to the API JuicyScore is generated in the institution’s back end system
The request is processed by JuicyScore, the data collected on the web resource is matched with the data collected by JuicyScore before; device and user IDs are identified, a data vector is built, and the score is calculated.
JuicyScore returns the response as a data vector to the financial institution


  • Over 50 thousand of parameters are collected from every device
  • Over 70 data attributes are present in the API
  • A broad data spectrum is provided in the response

Patented machine learning technologies

  • Over 26 technologies of device and virtual user authentication
  • Matching technology between virtual users and their devices
  • Patented model of fraud risk prevention


  • JuicyScore does not use any kind of direct identifiers of private individuals
  • Data collection and library scripts correspond with the global development standards and online code of ethics
  • JuicyScore sessions are not synchronized with third parties


  • Fast implementation by an IT technician takes up to one working day
  • Full-featured implementation by an IT technician takes up to 5 working days


  • We launch 2 or more new versions of our API / products every year
  • On average, ideas implementation and their realization for our clients take less than 1 week

How does it work?

Why JuicyScore?




Over 170 data attributes, over 26 device and user authentication technologies; on average, our data has an over 10-fold payback
We do not process any personal contact data or other direct identifiers, or sensitive data on the user’s device
The solution is developed on our proprietary technologies based on the OpenAPI principles with the Front-End open source

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