Head of Business Development, EU & LATAM | блог JuicyScore


Location: Singapore/TBD

Direct Report: Pavel B., CEO

Bonus/Equity: TBD

Benefits: TBD

The Head of Business Development will be responsible for driving new acquisitions and building brand recognition within the Southeast Asia.  The possibility for territory expansion to include Latin America is highly expected at a later point. The immediate key focus will be on attracting and securing a robust pipeline of new leads via face-to-face visits, industry conferences, referrals, networking, and other means.

As part of international expansion, business development will be one of the prime factors driving the company’s success. The person in this role will be the primary focus for developing these efforts.



  1. Understand JuicyScore’s product/technology and competitors.  Within 30 days, learn the product and technology well enough to be able to communicate effectively with industry professionals about the benefits, value, and key technical issues. Work with the CEO and technical/accounting teams to understand typical objections, technical/business limitations, digital and risk technologies, and other relevant details.
    Complete a comprehensive comparative review of all competing technologies. This review needs to include detailed feature comparisons, functionality and performance differences, cost/price analysis, and market projections.
  2. Within 30-days assess the current territory and develop a business development strategy. Launch and implement a business development strategy to achieve targets. Meet all existing customers, evaluate leads, and assess the overall territory potential.
  3. Lead all acquisition efforts as they pertain to connections, business presentations, service tests, and feedback. The overall goal is to contribute to the company’s growth in European markets. Specifically this consists of:
    • Establishing a pipeline of 30+ active business connections of senior management from banking, alternative lending, and insurance sub-industries.
      Milestones include: 5+ business connections @90 days; 15+ business connections @6 months; 30+ business connections @1 year.
    • Making 20+ business presentations to potential clients from banking, alternative lending, and insurance sub-industries. Milestones include: 3+ @ 90 days; 10+ presentations @6 months; 20+ presentations @1 year.
    • Securing 9+ new clients from banking, alternative lending, and insurance sub-industries. Milestones include performing: 1+ service tests @ 90 days; 3+ service tests @6 months; 6+ service tests and @1 year.
    • Collecting 30+ feedback and service expectations from participants and senior managers. Milestones include: 3+ @ 90 days; 15+ @6 months; 30+ @1 year.
  4. Build brand recognition. Present JuicyScore at 3+ FinTech conferences in the EU within the first year.  Attend other industry events and support other lead generation programs to garner new relationships and acquire new leads. Follow up on all leads generated from activities within 24 hours of receipt of the lead.
  5. Build the Business Development team. Hire and train a Junior Specialist to handle all business development operational tasks by the end of Year 1. To accomplish this, 5 potential candidates should be identified starting at the 6-month mark.



The ideal candidate has at least 5 to 7 years experience in a SaS business development role within FinTech, banking, credit risk, or IT.  Proven business connections in FinTech/Banking industry (10+ financial institutions is EU & Latin America) is important and exceptional communication/listening skills. Fluency in English is a must with Spanish and Russian being a plus.