JuicyScore is the first global device bureau without any personal data. Our system is fully compliant with Russia legislation on personal data as well as GDPR.

Our technology is aimed

  • to show the value of non-personal data;
  • to increase the level of security of the end-users via restriction of personal and biometric data collection;
  • to present the ease of use of non-personal data as an alternative to personal data.

We are very cautious with any external data

  • We are not using personal data (full name, passport details, addresses, contact and payment data, public IDs, other direct identifiers);
  • We are using only our proprietary cookies based on the signed mutual agreement;
  • We do not synchronize our cookies with third parties – cookies are used only for user trace route and web traffic analysis to identify potentially fraudulent behaviour;
  • We do not collect and store keystroke dynamics information on real key scan codes to avoid personal data collection;
  • Applicants device and behaviour data collected from partners’ websites and mobile apps are stored for 90 days. Moreover, the data will be removed in case of direct request on these data;
  • Our partners-financial institutions that are using our service may define the set of non-personal data fields to be collected from their websites and mobile apps;
  • Opt-out functionality allows removing the collected data (such as cookie, etc) on direct end-user request.

The ease of use

  1. Installing JuicyScore script to the website and/or mobile app;
  2. Defining data collection and transferring options;
  3. Getting response from the service, containing the score, stochastic device ID, stochastic user ID and wide range of attributes for decision engine, fraud prevention rules, credit and insurance applications approval rate increase.

JuicyScore — how it works

Data collection and analysis — our know-how

JuicyScore API: wide range of supporting data is provided