Location: Moscow/TBD

We are looking for a perfectionist with 1+ years of experience in writing web applications and basic experience in AI.  The successful candidate will be working with a fast growing team of experienced engineers – primarily, developing and tuning web/mobile applications.


Role Description

  1. To participate in application/product development. To support JavaScript development:
    • Web
    • iOS/Android Applications
    • Client Application
  2. To participate in product technical design and prototyping: software development, and bug identification/resolution.
  3. To ensure proper service & software quality: To provide technical/engineering support & QA for new and existing applications.



  1. JavaScript experience 1+ year: principles of applications development, patterns, scripts optimisation.
  2. Web/Mobile application development: Strong understanding of Internet connection and device characteristics. Good understanding of browser rendering behavior, performance.
  3. Social and Communication skills: Ensure timely, effective, and structured communication with geographical-distribution team members.
  4. Desirable skills: Basic knowledge of high load systems. Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery. Backend: Python/Java/C++ and PostgreSQL, Spark.


What do we offer 

  1. Opportunity to join fast growing team in technology.
  2. Opportunity to learn the top-notch technology and build your career.
  3. Flexible working schedule.
  4. Competitive compensation package.